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Top 5 Best Ripple XRP Coin Wallets 2019

Are you looking for a safe place to store your precious XRP? Well, look no further.  We have done all the research, and we will show you the top 5 best ripple XRP coin wallets that are being offered in 2019.

In the past 3-4 years, digital assets are getting more popular day by day.  This trend will keep on growing as the years go by.  The reason behind digital assets popularity is because of the insane price increases and gains that can be had.  Many people at the end of 2018 seen there investments grow by hundreds of percentages.  These are the type of gains that you will see in no other asset class besides digital assets.  Today, the most known and most expensive digital asset in the world is Bitcoin.  But Bitcoin is not the only digital asset out there.  There are over 2,000! The main coin that we are going to focus on for long term or short term storage is XRP.

If you have been in the digital asset market for some time, you have heard countless times do not keep your digital assets on the exchange.  There are plenty of reasons behind this.  If you are not holding the keys to your asset you are not holding your assets.  Day in and day out we see exchanges get hacked, or just go away making you wonder where is my money! Where are my digital assets! This is the reason you should never keep your assets on an exchange.  You need to get an offline wallet and you need to be in control of your money. Below we are going to list our Top 5 picks for Ripple XRP wallets.

  1. Ledger Nano S: (Our Pick)

ledger nano s ripple xrp

We love the Ledger Nano S! We have 1 to store out assets on and we firmly believe everyone should have a nano s.  It’s simply the easiest and safest way to store your assets.  We sleep like a baby at night knowing our digital assets are off the exchange and on the Ledger Nano S. Imagine this: With the ledger Nano S you can have Ripple XRP in your back pocket. Not only is this possible for XRP, but this is also possible with other digital assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Ledger Nano S is a cold wallet which has been designed for digital currencies. Unlike other wallets which have been developed for digital cash, the Ledger Nano S actually has a physical appearance, which can be touched and carried in your pocket.

This hardware wallet for Ripple coins aka XRP looks like a USB device but it can store all the XRP you could ever dream of! It is so easy to use even my Mom can do it! All you have to do is simply attach it to your computer, laptop or even mobile with the help of a digital cable and use your Ripple XRP coins as you wish. You can send, and receiver XRP with this small sleek hardware wallet safe and easy. This wallet has all the options which you will require to keep your Ripple XRP secure and safe from those nasty hackers.


The Ledger Nano S cost just $59! This is money well spent. This small price tag is well worth it knowing that your crypto is safe at night. Whatever wallet you decide, you will be happy with but just please get your digital assets off the exchange! You do not want to take the risk of losing all of your hard earned money.

Voted #1 “Best Ripple XRP Wallet” By Our Readers!

ledger nano s xrp ripple

In the box:

ledger nano s in the box ripple xrpledger nano s in the box ripple xrp digital asset
In the box, you will receive several items. The first item you will receive is the actual wallet “Ledger Nano S“, a USB cable to help connect the Ledger Nano S to your computer, an introduction booklet, and a recovery sheet. The recovery sheet must be blank when you receive the Ledger Nano S. This is very important. If this sheet is already filled out that means someone has tampered with your device. Always, always, always make sure that you buy directly from the manufacturer or from the link we provide. Do not buy a used Ledger Nano S from eBay! There are horror stories going around about how people purchased used devices from Amazon or eBay and once they upload there digital assets the people who sold the devices stole them.


To make this wallet secure and safe for the end users, the developers of the Ledger Nano S has added an extra security feature. This security feature is there just in case you lose the device. In case you do lose your Ledger Nano S wallet somewhere or someone steals it from your house or your pocket then the person will not be able to access your Ripple XRP or whatever digital currency you have stored on the wallet. The company has added the option to make it more secure, simply by allowing you to set a password/pin directly on your ledger Nano S.

Display:ledger display ripple xrp

After unpacking your device you will notice a small built-in display that will allow you to see your transactions in real time. BY this, you can confirm that the transaction really took place. This screen will also be where you will have to enter your pin/password to unlock the device upon connecting it to your computer. The two red buttons that we have circled are how you will navigate on the ledger nano s. These buttons will allow you to control the transaction. The Ledger Nano S people have also added the physical buttons to make it feel like you have more control of your device and these 2 buttons will also help you confirm transaction when you are working on your computer. The display will show you the transaction plus what wallet you are currently in.

Voted #1 “Best Ripple XRP Wallet” By Our Readers!

ledger nano s xrp ripple

Multi-currency:multi-currency xrp ripple

This post is about the best possible wallet for Ripple XRP but we would also like to bring to your attention that the Ledger Nano S is not just limited to Ripple XRP, but it can hold all of the top digital currencies out on the market. It can accept almost all types of digital currency. The other popular currencies which can be accepted as assets by Ledger Nano S including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, NEO, HCash, Stratis and many more.

Automated backup:

The ledger nano s wallet that holds your digital currency has the ability to automatically make a backup of your account to keep it safe for you. So, in case you lose it or someone steals from you, you can easily get access to your account. This backup has been made on the recovery sheet, which is different for each wallet user.

Voted #1 “Best Ripple XRP Wallet” By Our Readers!

ledger nano s xrp ripple

Step By Step To Setup Ripple XRP Account On Ledger Nano S Wallet:

ledger nano s xrp ripple

2- Toast Wallet (Runner Up)

toast wallet xrp ripple
The Toast Wallet is a free open sour Ripple XRP wallet which anyone can use. Did we mention that it’s free?
Toast Wallet is a free wallet and one of the most convenient wallets being used for storing your Ripple XRP. To store your XRP is actually quite simple. The Toast Wallet offers a ton of security for your transferred funds. Here are the main features of the Toast Wallet.

  1. Zero Fees – The Toast Wallet is 100% free.  This wallet will not take you precious XRP as others do.  The Toast Wallet does not take transaction fees. You only have a 20 XRP reserve to process your transactions which is the case in all XRP wallets.
  2. Easy To Use – The 2nd best benefit of the Toast Wallet is how easy it is to use. Unlike other wallets, the setup is soooo simple that anyone can do it in a matter of seconds.
  3. Multi-Platform – This wallet is versatile. No matter what devices you are running you will be able to download and set up the Toast Wallet.  You can use it whether you are using Windows, Andoird or even an iOS device.  Each platform has a separate download that you can install.

3- CoinPayments 

coinpayments xrp ripple
Most people have not heard of CoinPayments, but we are here to educate you. CoinPayments is a cryptocurrency payment website which allows you to store your digital currency online in their wallet. This method works as your physical bank would work. The great thing about CoinPayments it that they will store and hold over 1200 different types of altcoins. Their transaction fees are very minimal as its about .5%. No matter what kind of investor you are this is going to be the fee for everyone. This company is based out of Canada and is a registered platform. CoinPaymnets is known as one of the most authentic and legit cryptocurrency payment platforms.
Just like other digital asset platforms, CoinPayments does not limit you to only exchange and invest your altcoin through their network, they allow you to use your money for online shopping as well. This is an added bonus that most others do not let you do or include in their services. Today, there are thousands of online stores which accepting CoinPayments as their method of payment. xrp ripple wallet coinpayments
CoinPayments Fees: Just like the ToastWallet, CoinPayments is free for all users. Anyone with a valid email address and Government issued ID can register for the CoinPayments wallet. So where are the hidden fees you are probably asking? Fees are only charged when a user makes a transaction. Fees are charged for different types of transactions including:

  • Commercial Deposits
  • Incoming Payments

The general fee of CoinPayments is only .5% for all type of transactions which is one of the lowest you will find.  The size of the transaction doesn’t matter at this rate will always stay the same.  This applies to everyone who uses the site as there is no special treatment.

Withdrawals of your digital assets:
The wallet service has minimal fees but there is not a fee on your personal deposits when using the wallet. It is 100% free, which is a very rare thing to find in these days. The wallet withdrawals are also 100% free until you are not using it for commercial items or using it as a method of payment while shopping online. Yes, 100% free!
Biggest Payment Network Around:
CoinPayments is one of the fastest and largest payment networks around. There are more than 300,000 vendors in 182 countries, who are accepting CoinPayments as a method of payment for their customers. With this massive network, CoinPayments has made it easy for users who have digital assets to use them just like you would use paper money. You can purchase anything from anywhere or even withdraw your Ripple XRP in your bank with the help of CoinPayments.
Multi-coin Wallet:
ripple bext xrp wallet coinpayments
Other similar websites will only allow you to use your coins in their wallets for the purpose of investing. This really limits what you can do. This is not the case for CoinPayments as they are working with thousands of online stores and e-commerce platforms which allows you to make purchases directly online.  So what does this mean? You can use your Ripple XRP wallet as your personal wallet to make payments on different platforms.

BitGo is the market leader in institutional cryptocurrency financial services, providing clients with security, compliance, and custodial solutions. BitGo is usually known for Bitcoin payments but they have teamed up with CoinPayments to accept any type of digital asset including Ripple Coin XRP. This makes it easy and convenient.

4- Edge Wallet 

edge wallet xrp ripple
The Edge Wallet use to be called the Airbitz wallet and originally launched in February 2018. The Edge Wallet is a feature-rich software wallet available for both iOS and Android. In our opinion, the best feature of this wallet is it is easy to use interface and unique approach towards the security of your funds. Let’s be honest, what the point of an offline wallet if your digital assets are going to be safe? The Edge Wallet offers the facilities of sending, receiving, storing and exchanging different assets. Earlier most wallets had to rely on a 3rd party for server-side security but not anymore! The Edge Wallet provides the end user an easy to use security layer and the users can control how this security layer functions. This latest cryptocurrency wallet comes with such architecture and works with any blockchain.

The Edge Wallet will even support new coins provided that the developers of the coin extend their support through a simple plug-in. The Edge Wallet is also equipped with Spaceshift technology that allows the users to easily swap between digital assets without the need for a cryptocurrency exchange. Here are some of the Pros and Cons we found of the Edge Wallet which should factor in when you are trying to decide on which wallet to use.

    • An easy user interfaces ideal even for the beginners.
    • Offers strong security features like 2FA and security question setup recovery.
    • Supports many popular cryptocurrencies and plans to offer support for all in the future.
    • Has open-source code.
    • Available for Windows, Android, and iOS.
    • Supports crypto trading within the wallet.


  • Lacks web interface.

5- Abra Wallet

ripple xrp wallet abra
Abra is the only global application that allows the end user to buy, store and invest in over 20 different digital assets all in one place. You can fund your wallet via your mobile device with either fiat or bitcoin. After your wallet has been funded you can then invest in bitcoin “btc”, Ethereum “eth” ripple “xrp” bitcoin cash, litecoin, dash plus so many others! The best part about Abra is that its instant!
Abra is a mobile application that is providing services like a wallet and crypto exchange all across the globe. Abra is a very unique application that is available on both Android and iOS systems. Abra wallet recently added Ripple XRP into its network. The Abra wallet offers the end user to trade in almost 20 different digital assets with more on the way. Abra even offers the users to buy Ripple XRP through exchanging their fiat currency. By having the option to buy Ripple XRP direct you will save in fees and time. Abra offers support for over 50 different fiats across the world. The most important feature of Abra wallet is that it allows the user to exchange between digital assets without any transaction fees. There is no limit of how much you can buy or exchange which is a plus.
abra balance xrp ripple wallet
There are still many people who are reluctant to use this wallet because of its unreliable authority. There has been some backlash on twitter pointed towards Abra. There is also a chance that Abra may discontinue their iOS or Android applications at any time. We do not think this will happen as Abra is a major platform but you never know. Only the uses of Abra have access to there private keys. This means that the users may face some serious issues if they lose their keys.

Using the Abra app is not difficult which is a plus, it just takes a few clicks and you will be signed up. The front-facing interface is very attractive and transactions are nice and smooth.

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