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Max Keiser Breaks Down Whether He Holds XRP, Aside from Bitcoin

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Financial expert, trader and podcaster, Bitcoin evangelist Max Keiser, has taken to Twitter to clarify his stance on Ripple-affiliated XRP and whether he holds this top 10 altcoin.

Here’s why Max Keiser does not hold XRP

Keiser tweeted in response to Twitter user @EmmaSto49099359, who reposted a tweet of another Twitter user, who wondered if Max Keiser would be impressed by a chart that compares XRP and Bitcoin and is basically beneficial for the Ripple-affiliated token but not BTC.

The author of the tweet also wonders whether Keiser is secretly holding any other crypto, aside from Bitcoin, such as XRP.

Keiser responded to that, saying that he does not hold XRP since it is centralized and, thus, easy to take down. Besides, he expects the coins to be announced as illegal by the SEC soon. His final argument in the tweet was that “XRP does not do anything useful” unlike Bitcoin.

No because XRP is centralized, easy to take down and about to be outlawed. Not to mention it doesn’t do anything useful v. #Bitcoin

— Bitcoin Ambassador ?? #Nayib2024 (@maxkeiser) October 16, 2022

Keiser criticizes Ethereum too

In late September, Keiser also slammed the second largest crypto, Ethereum, as a “Ponzi scheme,” stating that it is premined and, therefore, centralized.

The influencer is known to despise altcoins and praise only Bitcoin. For this reason, he has attacked, many times, XRP, ADA (and its founder Charles Hoskinson), Ethereum and other altcoins. Earlier this year, he even once referred to the Cardano founder as a “terrorist.”

In June this year, Keiser confirmed his earlier prediction for the Bitcoin price, saying that the $220,000 level is still in play. The main reason for that, according to him, is that BTC is limited to only as much as 21 million coins, unlike other digital currencies.

Cardano founder distances himself from XRP

Last week, Hoskinson drew a line under his support oft the XRP community when he tweeted that he does not have anything more to say about the Ripple-affiliated token. He complained of the multiple trolls from the XRP army who have been attacking him.

He believes this happened because of his attitude toward the SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs that he shared recently, which many inside the XRP community did not like or agree with.

Hoskinson believes that the SEC has sued Ripple and its top executives and claims XRP to be a security not because of corruption within the regulatory agency but over lack of clarity regarding crypto regulation.

However, he agrees that XRP is not a security and it should be regulated as a community by the CFTC.

Source: U.Today