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Ripple Ad Shows Up in Wall Street Station: Details

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Emy Yoshikawa, Ripple’s vice president of corporate strategy and operations, has reacted to images on Twitter showing Ripple’s advertisement “Crypto Means Business” on different sections of the Wall Street subway station in New York City. The translation of her tweet reads: Ripple’s “Crypto Means Business” Ad Hijack at Wall Street Subway Station in New York.

ニューヨークの地下鉄のWall Street駅でRippleの”Crypto Means Business”の広告ハイジャック! その昔、通勤でWall Street駅をいつも使ってたので感動もひとしおです?

— Emi Yoshikawa (@emy_wng) October 26, 2022

According to some Twitter users, Ripple ads are now being spotted in parts of New York City and London. Ryan Browne, a CNBC correspondent, says a huge row of Ripple ads was spotted in Liverpool Street Station.

Spotted in Liverpool St station: a huge row of ads from the US crypto company Ripple

— Ryan Browne (@Ryan_Browne_) October 25, 2022

Ripple-related ads were also reportedly spotted at the World Trade Center in New York. Tony Edward, a host of the Thinking Crypto Podcast, tweeted about watching the Warriors-Lakers game on TV, and a Ripple commercial came on.

Crypto solutions gaining traction in countries

According to Ripple’s 2022 New Value Report, 70% of respondents from European financial institutions believe that blockchain, the underlying technology that underpins Ripple’s cryptocurrency solutions, would have a major or significant impact on their industry over the next five years.

But thanks to Ripple’s two newest partnerships, businesses in Sweden and France are adopting crypto solutions right away rather than waiting until the next five years.

Lemonway, a pan-European payment company situated in Paris, has worked with Ripple since 2020 to streamline cross-border payments and reduce payout times for their consumers. The On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution from Ripple is currently being used by Lemonway to improve its internal treasury management.

Additionally, Ripple has disclosed a collaboration with Swedish money transfer service Xbaht to offer quick and inexpensive retail transactions.

Source: U.Today