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Visa, MasterCard, American Express – The Big 3 And Ripples Connection

Happy Saturday!! Let’s kick off the weekend the right way. The BIG 3: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and how they are all linked to Ripple.

So how do these 3 massive credit card companies all link back to Ripple? And the BIG question, probably the only reason you are reading this: Will they utilize XRP?

Let us start with VISA. Visa is in a very unique situation. They get into a bidding war over EarthPort with MasterCard, and then they partner with Western Union to implement Visa Direct, Visa’s real-time push payments platform in an effort to bring speed and transparency to the process of sending money around the world. This collaboration reinforces Visa’s commitment to modernize how payments are made around the world. Oh, we are not done, then the icing on the cake is VISA and MoneyGram teaming up for a strategic agreement that will modernize and digitize the process of sending and receiving money overseas. Utilizing Visa Direct, Visa’s real-time1 push payments platform, the agreement will enable secure cross border remittances; once live, MoneyGram’s service will enable its users to choose their preferred method of sending and receiving funds. The common factor that we see here is VISA Direct. So what is VISA Direct? VISA Direct enables real-time payments 24/7/365. In order to make a real-time payment happen 24/7/365 what do we need? We need real-time settlement. In our opinion, VISA Direct is using the XRPL to make this happen. With all of the connections that we see between MoneyGram, Western Union, and Earthport there is no way that they are not using the XRPL. Ask yourself, why would VISA jump in at the last minute and block Master Card from buying Earthport? Why Would VISA team up with MoneyGram who we all know specifically uses xrapid to source on-demand liquidity? The writing is on the wall.

Let’s now focus on American Express. American Express has been a Ripple customer for quite some time now.  American Express has been working with Ripple to establish its footprint in the far east starting with China. A project for developing an AMEX infrastructure that supports XRP is underway where the target market is mainly the Chinese credit market that is expected to have at least 10 billion credit cards in operation by 2020.  Additionally, AMEX is engaging Ripple to develop a non-card-based payment solution that would serve the US-British market by enabling real-time transactions.  Carlos Carriedo has suggested that its pilot tests with partner Ripple to enable real-time cross-border corporate payments have been a success.

Ahh now the secret sauce, MasterCard.  We haven’t heard much out of the MasterCard camp since VISA overpowered them for the acquisition of EarthPort, but that doesn’t mean they are out of the game. Oh no, quite the opposite actually.  MasterCard has come in the back door.  MasterCard partnered with R3 just last week announcing a strategic partnership to develop and pilot a new blockchain-enabled cross-border payments solution that will initially focus on connecting global faster payments infrastructures, schemes, and banks supported by a clearing and settlement network operated by Mastercard.  MasterCard and R3 will be utilizing the Corda network.  Corda 1st settlement rail utilizes XRP. Have we forgotten that R3 is sitting on a boatload of XRP that they are ready to put to use?


So when all said and done all fingers/toes whatever you wanna point, they all point back towards the involvement with Ripple.  Whether or not Western Union wants to come out and openly admit that they have joined the “dark side” they will utilize Ripple techs through VISA Direct.  MoneyGram has no problem coming out and openly admitting that they are using XRP.  MoneyGram saw their stock rise from the dead almost overnight.  American Express has been working with Ripple for a few years now and they keep on expanding there use case.  At the end of the day, if these major players want to stay current and still be around in the next 5-10 years they will have to find a cheaper and faster solution then they have in place now.


Major Connections that we could find and the community help us put together: We firmly believe with all these connections all of the major outlets through the world have been covered. Money can be sent anywhere in the world and settled 24/7/365 once the world runs on Ripple.




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