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Voltron, a Blockchain Based Trade Finance Platform

Voltron is coming and it’s coming this year.  Voltron is a trade finance platform built on R3’s Corda blockchain.  We first heard of Voltron back in May of 2018 when HSBC and ING (Ripple/R3/XRP connection) had announced that they have used Corda to execute a trade finance transaction. This deal facilitated the shipment of soybeans between different subsidiaries in the global supply-chain network of Cargill.  Voltron will enable banks to speed up financing decisions and enhance the customer experience. Voltron enables finance groups to provide letter credit transactions as a blockchain solution.  It is 2019, everything is about speed!


List of Known banks signed up for Voltron:
Bangkok Bank
BNP Paribas
CTBC Holding
ING – Read More on R3 and ING Here
Standard Chartered

Read more about R3 and Voltron here.

An important quote here from Standard Chartered: “The last time banks came together to solve a community problem was in 1973, when Swift was launched”


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