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Welcome To Imgur Emerald – $20 Million Investment From COIL

June 2019, COIL invested $20 million into IMGRand Stefan Thomas, Founder & CEO of Coil, had announced that he would be joining Imgur’s board of directors. Almost a year later, welcome Imgur Emerald. Imgurians with Emerald will still receive Imgur announcements such as new product features and community events, even if they’re sponsored. You’ll get a special trophy for your Imgur profile and you’ll unlock fun meme-themed avatars that are exclusive to members.

Today, Imgur Emerald rolled out in alpha on desktop, providing Coil Members with an exclusive first look at the experience. As a Coil Member, you’ll enjoy:

Ad-free Browsing
All the magic and wonder of Imgur without the ads and promoted posts.

Exclusive Avatars & Snazzy Trophy
Unlock exclusive avatars and let everyone marvel at your Emerald trophy.

Founder’s Club
Coil Members who activate Imgur Emerald in alpha also enjoy Founder’s Club status.


IMGUR has a global website rank of 122 and ranks #1 in his category.  IMGUR receives over 250,000,000 people each month.

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