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Western Union Set to Add Cryptos to its Services this Year

We were a little hesitant to put this article out but we are confident in the source here.  Lats night as we were catching up on the news, we came across this article on medium by David Drake. David Drake is the Founder and Chairman of LDJCapital.

David posted this article last night on Medium”

“Funds Remittance Giant, Western Union Set to Add Cryptos to its Services this Year”

Now we know, Western Union has been testing Ripples technology since 2015.  Western Union has stated themselves that they are ready to adopt any kind of currency on multiple occasions.  The CEO Hikmet Ersek said that the tests with xRapid were early and they were a bit too early and small to draw any conclusions.  Which really put a bad taste in the XRP community mouth and everyone thought the deal was dead.  Not so fast.  Many do not know, but the CEO later came back out and said that “entire process has been a learning experience on how best to integrate cryptocurrencies while instituting cost-saving measures.”

So what is holding Western Union back, well you guess it regulations.  So as it doesn’t seem Western Union can go live with Xrpaid on their backend it does seem as if they are allowed to conduct the transfer of crypto to fiat for end users.

Long story short Western Union is ready but we need regulations.

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