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What You Need To Know About The PolySign Panel Today

All you hear on Twitter is people speculating on a PolySign announcement going down today.  I am hear to clear this up. This is exactly what is going on tonight.

9pm EST, there is an event taking place in San Francisco titled “Harvard In Tech SF Evening Of Crypto”

This event is sponsored by KL Gates – K&L Gates is a fully integrated global law firm with lawyers located across five continents.

The big question – who is going to be on this panel.

Antoinette O’Gorman is Chief Compliance Officer at PolySign, Inc., a financial technology software development company and a digital asset custodian, pending a New York Trust Company “Qualified Custodian” charter.

Anna Tong is the head of product at PolySign, Inc, a digital asset custodian.

Emi Yoshikawa is the Senior Director of Global Operations at Ripple. She is passionate about realizing the “Internet of Value” through the use of blockchain technologies.

Michelle Brous is a Product & Business Development lead on the Filecoin Project at Protocol Labs. Filecoin (⨎) is an open-source, public, cryptocurrency and digital payment system intended to be a blockchain-based cooperative digital storage and data retrieval method. It is made by Protocol Labs and builds on top of InterPlanetary File System, allowing users to rent unused hard drive space. Blockchain is used to register the deals.

Anna Carroll dreams of an inclusive, globally accessible financial system capable of empowering marginalized communities around the world; she has dedicated herself to leveraging cryptocurrencies to achieve that vision.

Anh Le, Partner at CRCM Ventures will be the moderator of this panel.  CRCM Ventures backs ambitious early-stage companies, setting the stage for emerging technologies. We maintain a global presence by being deeply rooted in Silicon Valley and Greater China.  Ripple Labs is among one of these companies.

So as it sits we have  2 people from PolySign and 1 person from Ripple.  Can we expect some kind of ground breaking announcement from this panel? Doesn’t look like it, but yet again any news we can get on PolySign is a major deal.

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