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XRP Can Now Be Burned via Bitcoin Payment App on XRPL, Here Is How

The crypto world has been retrieved with another major development aimed at implementing Bitcoin transactions and competing with the Lightning Network. This time came the moment of glory of SpendTheBits, a project built on the basis of XRP Ledger, which recently received great support from the entire XRP community.

Describing its own project in brief, SpendTheBits states that the use of exactly the XRPL blockchain allows BTC transactions to be much faster and cheaper than it is possible now. At the same time, John Deaton, a pro-XRP activist and CryptoLaw founder, highlighted another positive side of the project.

That’s the beauty of the underlying technology. The #XRPLedger is an open permission-less distributed ledger technology – emphasis on “open and permission-less.” Jay Kambo didn’t ask for permission – he just started building.

— John E Deaton (213K Followers Beware Imposters) (@JohnEDeaton1) September 10, 2022

According to the crypto lawyer, the case of SpendTheBits, which is built on XRP Ledger using open source code and not requiring any permission from Ripple or anyone else to implement the technology, once again proves that the SEC claims against Ripple and XRP are absolutely absurd. It is Satoshi-esque technology, says Deaton.

Send BTC, burn XRP

The most important feature of the project is definitely the use of XRP in transactions, or rather the burning process. So, in addition to the fact that XRP is used to activate an account, it will be burned with every BTC transaction through the XRP Ledger blockchain.

It is also worth clarifying that when making Bitcoin transactions through the SpendTheBits app, the user sends a synthetic “I-owe-you” version of the cryptocurrency, like xBTC from Coinbase or sBTC from the 21Shares fund.

Source: U.Today


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