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XRP Did It Again! NEW All Times High Recorded On The Philippine Peso Liquidity Index

The past 2 days we have covered the current known open corridors for XRP. Mexico and Australia.  Today we are having a look at the 3rd open corridor that we know about – The Philippines.

Saturday we covered the XRP/MXN liquidity index’s as a brand new ATH was created.  We showed data dating back to over a 60 day period and we seen a massive increase in the liquidity on the XRP/MXN pair.  Here is the article for reference XRP/MXN Liquidity Index and you will find below the data.

XRP/MXN Liquidity Index

Dec- 6,792,777

Sunday we took a look at the newest fiat pair that was announced at SWELL 2019: The AUD to XRP.

The Australian dollar was announced at SWELL 2019 which took place in November of 2019.  Boy, did this pair ramp up fast.  Lets compare the liquidity index for the past 30 days.  You will truly be amazed and what you are about to see.

January 2nd 2020 AUD/XRP Liquidity: -137,344

Yes that is right -137,344.  So basically this paring didn’t have any transactions to put this into layman terms.

Now, lets have a look at the current moment (8:52am est):

February 2nd 2020 AUD/XRP Liquidity: 3,747,470

Today, Monday February 3rd 2020 lets looks at the Philippine Peso to XRP liquidity index.  Going forward we will be able to include images for both ranges so you can get a better visual as to what is really going on.  We are going to date back 30 days, and have a look at the XRP/PHP Liqudiity Index.

January 3rd 2020 PHP/XRP Liquidity: 382,417.97

So it seems that Ripple started out with small volumes, just waiting on the right time to ramp up like we seen in the other open corridors.  Well, guess what they did, and they did it in a big way.  Lets fast forward to today:

February 2rd 2020 PHP/XRP Liquidity: 4,473,945.05 

Tell me a flip hasnt been switched ( just kidding) but there was definitely a change on the back end to allow more volume to start moving into these corridors.

The volume in the Philippine Peso increased by 4,091,527.08

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