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XRP Ledger-Based Banking App XUMM Gets A Massive Update

Wietse Wind, the founder of Ripple-backed XRP Labs, has announced that the popular XRPL-based banking application XUMM is set for a new upgrade that is aimed at offering it’s users a better experience via the payment app.


Wietse Wind announced the “massive XUMM update” 0.5.1 is to come with 60 changes, additions, improvements & fixes.

XUMM 0.6.0 On The Way

The next release after this will probably be a beta version of XUMM 0.6.0. XUMM 0.6.0 will feature only few changes and update. This will be succeeded by removing of the Beta label and launch V1.

With version 0.6.0, a further beta version will follow, which will contain further important updates before version 1.0 is released, probably in the fourth quarter of 2020. There will also be a pro version, which will offer additional features. In addition, automatic KYC processes will be integrated so that XUMM can be used in all countries worldwide while complying with local laws.

Another major advance will be the integration of PayID. PayID is a free and open standard that is intended to increase interoperability between payment networks. PayID will replace complex and long account numbers with simple short names, making it much easier to send and receive transactions. To drive the introduction of PayID, Ripple recently joined the Open Payments Coalition.


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