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XRP Ledger Foundation Publishes a Unique Node List For The XRPL

The XRP Ledger Foundation has announced that they have published a Unique Node list for the XRPL. UNL (unique node list) ) are a lists of transaction validators a given participant believes will not conspire to defraud them.

According to the XRPL official twitter page,:

there are differences between our UNL and other widely used UNLs. We have added two long standing members of the ecosystem to our UNL. These are @Gatehub and @TowoLabs. We have also removed one validator, as per the public announcement they made about not running a validator with effect from 24 May, 2021. With these modifications, we have a total of 39 validators in our UNL and will continue to expand the list to include more validators. Going forward, we hope that the ecosystem uses our UNL alongside other providers.

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