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XRP Short Term Price Prediction

The crypto community has witnessed one of the most controversial cases to this date when the SEC waited 8 years to come out and say they believe XRP is a security . XRP experienced a 60% drop, after former SEC chairman Jay Clayton dropped the bombshell on the night before Christmas.

Just 4 months later, XRP has blasted past key resistance at .80 and is looking to continue pushing higher.

On the XRP / BTC chart, XRP needs to break the resistance at 2277 and close above the trendline resistance. Once it closes above the trendline resistance, if XRP can manage to claim 3729 sats, we this would catapult the XRP/BTC pair to a 16000 sats and will definitely help the USD pair.

As we examine this chart from @360trader we can see the next levels of resistance.

If XRP managers to break $1.24 there is a clear shot to $1.62 range.  If $1.62 gets broken then the sky’s are clear all the way to the $2.20 range.  XRP All Time High is coming, the question is when.

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