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XRP – What The Future Holds

Bearable Bull says it best in the tweet below.  XRP holders have a lot to look forward to in the future. We have 6 airdrops on the way, XRP to still be relisted on all US exchanges, and even some overseas (which doesn’t make sense).  The best outcome in my opinion is to have 2-8 all completed with a settlement still hanging over the heads of Ripple and the XRP community.  The reason I say this is because once the SEC lawsuit is settled and XRP is declared a non-security it will give the price a multiplier.  The higher the price before the settlement, the higher it will go once settled.  The one example I use all the time in my YouTube videos is the Kin token;  when the SEC settled the lawsuit with KIN, the community saw a 40x.  KIN was only listed on bottom-feeder exchanges at the time.  XRP is listed on all major exchanges around the world and in the US.   Once XRP becomes the 1st digital asset in the United States with an official designation you can accept the banks and Wall Street to buy XRP up.

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